Tim Bailey - Lot 231

Email:  ssrtimb@gmail.com

Ron Harris - Lot 253

Email:  ssrharrisr@gmail.com

Angie Passariello


Email:  ssrangiep@gmail.com

Our Address

Lake, Michigan

Board of Directors

Sandy Shores Resort is a privately owned campground.  SSR does NOT have lots avaiallbe for rent nor do we make reservations.  If you are interested in a Lot please look at our Lots for Sale/Rent tab.  

Brandon Mann

Park Manager

Email:  ssrmaintdept@gmail.com

Larry Shinaver

Maintenance Supervisor

Email:  ssrlarrys@gmail.com

Sandy Shores Resort

2221 Grass Lake Ave

Lake MI 48632

Send Payments to:

Sandy Shores Resort

PO Box 238

Lake George, MI  48633

Melissa Groulx - Lot 223


Email:  ssrmelissag@gmail.com

Bill Jones - Lot 222

Vice President

Email:  ssrbillj@gmail.com

Dave Wehner - Lot 322


Email:  ssrdavew@gmail.com

Kim Villancourt - Lot 9
Email:  ssrkimv@gmail.com