Guest Privileges

 Authorized guest of Sandy Shores Resort co-owners will not be charged an admission fee nor restrained from using all facilities at Sandy Shores Resort, as long as co-owner is in good standing with the Association.  However, certain or all facilities may be reserved for owners use during specified times, such as special gatherings, committee meetings, sporting competitions, and social events.
For purposes of overnight lodging, owners are limited to one (1) family or a maximum of eight (8) people at one time on a campsite.  Article 6, section F-25 of Sandy Shores Resort By-Laws.  This policy is for your protection to prevent too many guests from using the park’s facilities as mandated by the State of Michigan.
Groups, such as office parties, reunions, etc., are permitted to use the campground facilities with a minimal deposit, and with approval from the Groundskeeper.  This is done on a first come, first served basis.  The pavilion must be reserved in advance, and cleaned after its use to receive the returned deposit.  A calendar is kept in the Association Office to record your reservation.

Vehicle and Traffic Regulations

General Rules

A.     Automobiles

1.      Any co-owner operating a motorized vehicle is personally responsible for the proper operation of the vehicle at Sandy Shores Resort.

 2.      All cars and trucks must be licensed to travel on Michigan streets and highways and be properly insured.  Exception: Park vehicles need not be licensed if they are used only within the park.

3.      Each person operating a car or truck must have a valid driver’s license. Or an operators permit.  Those permit holders must be accompanied by an adult.  Sandy Shores Resort is not a training ground.

4.      Pedestrians shall have the right of way on all roads within Sandy Shores Resort.  (Courtesy allows cars to pass.)

5.      No vehicle shall be driven in excess of the posted 10 m.p.h. speed limit.

 6.      No vehicle of any kind may be driven anywhere other than on designated streets or roads.  Exception:  Maintenance vehicles.

7.      No passenger may ride on the outside of a vehicle or in a utility trailer while in the park.  THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE WAGON RIDES ORGANIZED BY THE PARK.


B.     Golf Carts

 1.      Golf Carts are allowed to be operated with in Sandy Shores Resort under the following conditions:

2.       Golf Carts are to be driven on Sandy Shores Roads only, except where noted below, and must follow the same rules and speed limits are automobiles.

 3.      Golf Carts are not allowed to be operated on “common grounds” except to reach the pavilion, putt-putt golf, bathrooms, office or beach.

4.       During daylight hours only, golf carts may be driven on the northwest trail along the power lines along Mansiding road and Grass Lake Ave. per Proposal A which was voted on and passed at the 1998 Annual Election Meeting.

5.      Golf Carts must be marked on both sides with your lot number in 2-1/2 – 3 inches lettering that is visible at all times.

6.       Golf Carts must be operated by a licensed driver or an operators permit.  Those with driving permits must be accompanied by an adult.

 7        Golf Carts must have lights for driving at night.

 C.     Bicycles

 1.      Bicycle riders must obey all traffic regulations.

2.     All bicycles must have a front light and rear reflector for bicycling after dark.

 3.     Bicycles are not permitted to be ridden or parked on bathhouse sidewalks.

 4.     All-terrain Vehicles (three and four wheelers)

ATV’s are not permitted to be operated within Sandy Shores Resort except for maintenance purposed and handicapped persons with approval.


E.     Motorcycles/Road Bikes

1.      Motorcycles/Road bikes may only be operated within Sandy Shores Resort between owner’s lot and main entrance for the purpose of entering or leaving the park and shall be operated within the posted speed limit of 10 m.p.h.

 2.      They are not permitted to be driven for pleasure on Sandy Shore Resort roads or trails.

3.      They must be licensed to travel on Michigan roads and highways and must be properly insured.  All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.


F.      Mini-Bikes/Trail Bikes/Scooters

No gas or electric motorized mini-bikes, trail bikes or scooters are allowed to be operated within Sandy Shores Resort.  The only exception will be written permission of the board based on documented medical needs.

G.    Snowmobiles

Snowmobiles are allowed to be operated within Sandy Shores Resort under the following conditions:

 1.      Snowmobiles are to be driven on Sandy Shores roads only except were noted below.

 2.      Snowmobiles must be operated within posted speed limits on roads and must be operated such that the engine noise does not exceed 80 decibels.

3.      Snowmobiles are not allowed to be operated on “common grounds” except to reach the pavilion, bathrooms, office or beach.

 4.      Snowmobiles must be operated by a licensed driven within Michigan Laws.

 5.      Snowmobile drivers must observe quiet time rules (11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.).

H.    Dune Buggies

Dune Buggies are not allowed to be operated in Sandy Shores Resort unless they are licensed and insured for Michigan streets and highways.  If properly licensed and insured they must follow the same rules as automobiles.

I.       Watercraft

Boats must be marked with the lot number in 2-1/2 to 3 inch lettering but not to obstruct the State Registration numbers on the boat.


Operation of ANY vehicle not mentioned above must be approved in writing by the Sandy Shores Resort Association board of Directors.  All motorized vehicles, including golf carts must have front and rear lights if operated after dark.  They must also obey all traffic regulations.


Beach and Swimming Rules

A.     Posted rules in the swimming area must be obeyed.  Those rules include:

1.      Members/Guest Only
2.      No lifeguard on duty

3.      No glass containers

4.      No pets on beach

5.      No campfires

6.      No fishing in beach area

7.      No bikes in the lake or on the beach

8.      No pushing or shoving on the raft

B.     Parents or Guardian are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children while swimming in the lakes or pond.


Dogs, Pets and Animals

Article VI, Section 5 Restrictions

 1.     Dogs and pets must be kept in their owner’s RV Unit or on their campsite on a chain or other type of leash.  Pet pens, enclosed runs and houses are not allowed.  Invisible fencing is to be determined by the Groundskeeper and a unit modification form is required.

 2     All pets must be kept under control at all times.

 3.     The owner of the pet is responsible for any injury or damages his or her pet might inflict on people or property.

4.    If the pet becomes an annoyance to other co-owners, the pet must be removed from the campground.

5.     When dogs are walked on common grounds they are to be on a leash and the individual accompanying the dog is responsible for cleaning up after the pet.  Excrement must be disposed of properly and not thrown in the bushes, etc.

Campground Rules

 1.      Only approved recreational vehicles are permitted at Sandy Shores Resort.  No campsite shall be used as a permanent residence.  A campsite shall not be occupied by more than one (1) family unit or more than eight (8) persons.  Temporary living could be full-time from April 1 to October 2`, but not more than 15 consecutive days in any 30 day period from November 1 to March 1 of the following year.  More frequent usage constitutes permanent living that would violate Sandy Shores Resort By-Laws as defined by the State Tax Commission in Bulleting No. 7 dated April 25, 1988; supplementary to Bulleting No 4 dated January 29, 1986.

 2.      Only on RV/Unit can be placed on a campsite.  A RV/Unit is defined as a travel trailer, pickup camper, motor home, tent trailer or park model.  In addition, one tent can be set upon a site until the tent is no longer occupied.

3.      Refrigerators out the camping unit are not permitted.  Refrigerators can be placed inside sheds.

 4.      Concrete or asphalt pads are permitted.  However, details must first be approved by the Groundskeeper.  Pads are not to cover gray water pits or gray water tanks.  Clearances must be maintained per Sandy Shores resort By-Laws.

5.      Boats:  Only electric motors are permitted on the lakes.  The maximum length of watercraft allowed on Grass Lake is seventeen (17) feet.  The maximum of watercraft allowed on Loon Landing is twelve (12) feet.  There is a maximum of two watercraft allowed per campsite unit.

 6.      Owners are prohibited from cutting or removing any trees, vegetation or shrubs without permission from the Groundskeeper.  However, trees and shrubs may be planted on campsites as long as they do not interfere with maintenance or their adjacent sites.  Unit changes require approval.  See By-Laws Restrictions, Section III and By-Laws Article VI, Section 18.

 7.      Renting or leasing a campsite is permitted.  However, details of the lease must first be presented at the Association Office to the Board of Directors or Groundskeeper.  Owners of rental units are responsible to notify lessees or renters of the general Rules and Regulations (By-Laws, Pages 11-12, a Section 17).

8.      All garbage, litter and other disposable materials must be collected and placed in a dumpster at designated areas. Fill one dumpster before starting another.  Grass, brush, large appliances or building supplies are not to be disposed of by the dumpster.  It is against the law to place leaves, pine needles, branches, etc. in the dumpster; therefore, they should be raked and placed at the roadside to be picked up by the maintenance crew.

 9.      All sanitary must be disposed of at the dump station.  As part of the maintenance fee, the park will provide the service of emptying holding tanks.  Tanks will be emptied Mondays and Fridays, tags must be out and displayed.  This is for Phase I and II only.  Port-a-potties must be dumped at the dump station only.  They are not to be dumped in bathroom toilets.  Persons with sewers should keep the holding tank valves closed except to empty.  This will help stop clogging.

 10.  Children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians.  No baby-sitting services will be provided by Sandy Shores Resort.  Young people under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay alone in the park overnight.

 11.  All people under the age of 18, not accompanied by an adult, must be at their campsite by 11:00 p.m.  Running around the park after 11:00 p.m. is not allowed.

 12.  Quiet hours for Sandy Shores Resort are between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. with the exception of the holidays.

 13.  Common courtesy dictates that trespassing on other owner’s campsites is prohibited.

 14.  In the event of a catastrophe, or at the request of the owner, the Groundskeeper has the authority to move owner’s equipment without liability.  However, the Groundskeeper or the Association shall have the duty to do so.

 15.  Only approved storage sheds are allowed on a campsite.  See details on page 15.

 16.  Bathrooms and showers are provided for campers.  Please cooperate in keeping them clean and neat for the next person.

17.  Temporary lines for drying swim wear and towels are allowed.

 18.  Marine type toilets are allowed in camping units.  FLUSH TOILETS ARE NOT ALLOWED in units or park models.

19.  Fire pits are permitted on personal lots only and only within setbacks.

20.  Contractor signs must be removed two (2) weeks after completion of the job.


1.      Owners should walk whenever possible.  Please refrain from unnecessary driving.  This will cut down on traffic congestion and it is an excellent means of exercise.

 2.      Working on cars (mechanical work, oil changes, body work, etc.) is not permitted in the campground.

 3.      Storage of cars and other similar items on an owner’s site is permitted, if it has a current license plate and in running condition.  Boats may be stored on the owner’s site.

4.      Campsites are to be kept neat, clean and well maintained.  Please keep your lot clean and free of trash and unnecessary junk around your shed and unit or action will be perused.

5.      A newsletter is prepared and sent out periodically to all co-owners.  The purpose is to inform co-owners of upcoming events and news about the park in general.  Any additions to Sandy shores Resort policies and changes in rules will be included.

 6.      Guns of any kind (including BB and pellet guns) are not permitted in the park.  Exceptions are licensed hunters who may carry unloaded hunting equipment.  No guns or bows may be discharged within Sandy Shores Resort.

7.      Hunting and trapping are prohibited within Sandy Shores Resort.

 8.      No obnoxious or offensive activities will be permitted anywhere within Sandy Shores Resort.

 9.      Drugs will not be tolerated.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

 10.  Any improvements to be made on a campsite or unit should first be approved by the Groundskeeper.  Co-owners are required to complete a Unit Modification/Alteration Request Form.  Modifications denied by the Groundskeeper may be appealed to the Board of Directors.

 11.  TV and CB antennas which are not directly attached to the camping unit or exceed a height of eight (8) feet above the camping unit are prohibited.

12.  Fishing licenses are required per State Law on lakes (not ponds).  All boats over 12 feet long including pontoon boats need to be registered.  All boats with motors need to be registered.  Paddle boats and canoes are exempt.



1.      Breaches of regulations will be reported to the Board of Directors by filling out and filing a complaint form.

 2.      If an owner is cited for a violation he/she will receive written notice from the secretary specifying details of the violation.

 3.      If a violation is disputed it will be brought before the By-Laws Committee and at their discretion will invite the co-owner to appear before the committee at the time his/her violation is being discussed.  The committee then has 10 days to rule on the violation and recommend a course of action to the board of Directors.  Within 15 days the recommendation should be approved by the board, the groundskeeper will be carrying out the penalty recommended.

4.      Owners and guests are not immune from arrest by the local law enforcement and conservation officers.

5.      If an owner is cited for a violation a second time a fee of $25.00 will be charged.    Each recurring violation notification for the same offense will result in a $25.00 fee to the original fee.  For example, the third violation will be $50.00 fourth and fifth violation notifications will be fined at $75.00 and $100.00 respectively.

For more information...please see your Purchaser Information Booklet 

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