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 First, I want to say THANK YOU to those who responded with positive and helpful comments; this was very much appreciated.  Every decision made by this board has been discussed in details by phone and/or text.  While not everyone always agrees, majority rules apply and decisions are made.  Each decision made has been based on information received from various government officials including the Sherriff’s Department, Central Michigan Health Department (CMHD), Central Michigan District Health Department (CMDHD), the Governor’s Office and an attorney.  While we keep asking for clarification and verification; the answers change daily and sometimes even hourly, and even then they are vague enough to be interpreted different ways.  Most of you have seen and or experienced these changes first hand in our daily activities.   You don’t have to agree with these rules and guidelines however you are expected to follow them as stated. 

AGAIN … Sandy Shores is an RV Condominium Resort that is LICENSED as a Campground in the State of Michigan.  Yes, you own your own lot (s) and they are your property however; you are part of an Association with rules, policies and bylaws required to be followed.   As a park, you the co-owners voted for the board members to represent your concerns and needs.  By doing so you gave the board the authority to make decisions concerning park operations.  The current board has had to address several difficult situations and make some tough decisions.  Any decision made have not been taken lightly, actually if anything we have spent to much time researching and weighing all options, trying to accommodate everyone.  

The constant complaining, criticizing, and borderline bullying is unproductive and disrespectful. Sometimes it is very difficult to respond without being misunderstood.  The Board are co-owners also any decision made affects us as well.   Personally, it is very sad that after being in the park for over 30 years there is so much energy being wasted on creating a divided park between the board and co-owners.  Working against each other is unproductive and needs to stop. 

I am sure you have all seen the “Stay at Home” was extended until May 28th.  Governor Whitmer said “people with multiple instate homes can resume travel between them, though it is strongly discouraged”.  One can argue that it does not say services will be provided at those locations.  One can also argue that “pumping” is necessary service however is does not say that providing services at a secondary home is essential and/or required.  This is uncharted territory for everyone and the safety of workers as well as park owners are our first concern.

The maintenance team will return to work on Monday, May 11, 2020.  Social distancing must be practiced, this means staying 6 feet away from any person not residing in your household.  Please do not put anyone in an uncomfortable situation and respect this.

This notice is not being posted to create more back and forth only to state some facts.  At this point no matter what is decided it will be viewed as incorrect by some.  The Board has acted based on information given by government officials for the best interest of the entire Park. 

Raeanne Garlock SSR Board President


Water has been tested and is approved for drinking


SSR is in need of a volunteer to read the from lots 1-180 and also record the serial numbers of the newest ones that were replaced.  If interested, please email


Dear Sandy Shores Co-Owners,

  I am sure we can all agree this is not how anyone expected or planned to start May 1, 2020.  The SSR Board has spent many hours on the phone and sending emails in an attempt to get clarification and verification from the Governor's office and CMHD.  

 The guidelines seem to change daily and some times hourly.  We are doing the best we can to follow the information we are given.  

 • The water is on in the park and testing samples have been sent in to Lansing for processing.  We are still waiting for notification the water has been approved for drinking.  

 • The board has verified with CMH D that all public restrooms must remain closed until the governor's office reopens them.

 • The main bathroom/shower facilities are currently being remodeled as planned.  Covid 19 has caused some delays and should be opened early June or when cleared by Governor.   

 •  Social distancing is still required and expected to be maintained per Governor's order 2020 - 59 until 5/15/2020. Please keep in mind this date could be extended.  Playgrounds, basketball courts, and beaches are closed.  Groups of non household members congregating is not allowed.  Do not stop maintenance workers, other guests or board members to talk;  6 feet social distancing is required for  EVERYONE'S  safety.

 •  Stay-at-home is strongly encouraged currently until 5/15/2020.  Yes, traveling to summer properties is now allowed however camping is considered recreational and prohibited.  

 • Per CMHD recommendations, pumping will be provided for  snowbirds only on a weekly basis beginning  5/1/2020.

 • Pumping for all park owners will resume on Monday, 5/18/2020 provided the  Stay-at-home is canceled.   If the stay-at-home is extended we will look at a reduced schedule for pumping.

 • No park activities are currently scheduled at this time.   All group activities are canceled until the social distancing guidelines are changed by the Governor.

  •   There will be no Co-Owner Association Meeting in May.

 • The Association office will remained closed at least until the "Stay at Home" has been cancelled. Messages can be left on the office phone or sent by email.  We will do our best to answer in a reasonable time.

 Your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncertain and changing times is appreciated.  

 Stay Safe, 

SSR Board